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Resveratrol Health Benefits , Side Effects Possible and Resv Anti Aging Review

Resveratrol Review and Its Health Benefits

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Maybe you’ve heard about resveratrol and the possible resveratrol health benefits, but you may not really know what it is, how it works, or why it is beneficial. Basically, resveratrol is a naturally produced phytoalexin, which various plants produce when pathogens attack them, such as fungi or bacteria. Currently it happens to be a hotly debated topic and is currently a part of many studies on both humans and animals regarding the effects that it has. Resveratrol can be found in the skin on red grapes, which means it ends up in red wines. Currently it is also produced and sold as a supplement that is usually taken from Japanese knotweed, which makes it easy to add to a supplement regimen.

Of course, it’s important to note that resveratrol is not something new. It was found all the way back in 1940 for the first time in the Veratrum grandiflorum plant. However, it wasn’t until 1976 that it was found to be in grapes, and then later in 1992 it was also found in red wines as well. Now that you know a bit about it, you may be wondering about resveratrol health benefits that have been found in recent research. Here is a closer look at some of the benefits that studies have shown, possible side effects, and more.

Cardiovascular Benefits

First, you’ll find that one of the main resveratrol health benefits is the benefits it has to the heart and cardiovascular system as a whole. Studies are beginning to show that this compound may be able to prevent blood clots, blood vessel damage, and it also may help to reduce levels of bad cholesterol as well. There is even some research showing that it can be linked to a reduction in blood clotting and inflammation, two things that can cause heart disease.

Arthritis Benefits

Another benefit of resveratrol is that it may be able to provide arthritis relief as well. Yucca is a plant that has been used for years to treat both rheumatism and arthritis, and recent findings have found that one of the main ingredients in Yucca is actually resveratrol. It seems to help reduce inflammation, which is one of the main problems for people who are dealing with arthritis. Studies done on animals have shown that resveratrol helps to inhibit chronic and acute phases of the process of inflammation and it shows possible promise as a therapy option for those with inflammatory arthritis.

Cancer Prevention Benefit
Studies all the way back in 1997 seemed to indicate that one of the resveratrol health benefits is helping to prevent cancer. In various studies that looked at cancer in various stages, it was shown to have activities that were anti cancer and it has even been shown to inhibit the promotion and initiation of cancer in other studies as well. Of course, studies are continuing to be done, but in the future, this compound may prove to be one of the best cancer fighting findings.

Age Related Disorders and Resveratrol

There are some studies showing that resv anti aging , this compound,  may help to prevent some disorders that are age related as well, including neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and inflammatory diseases that tend to occur as one ages. Basically resveratrol works by turning on the survival pathways of the cells, which prevents cell damage. It also helps to improve blood supply and removes reactive oxidants that can lead to these age related disorders. Studies done on animals have found that brain plaque in animals was reduced when mice were given resveratrol orally, which leads to the theory that it may also work that way in humans.

Other benefits that have been found in studies done on resveratrol include combating pancreatitis, helping suppress the immune system when liver transplants are done, and preventing some types of liver diseases. It has also been found that it can help to reduce instances of kidney diseases, and one study even showed that it may even increase sperm production as well.

Resveratrol Dosing

It definitely appears that there are many possible resveratrol health benefits, but it is important to note that the dosing of this compound is quite important. While it has been shown that low doses of the resveratrol help to improve the survival of cells, studies also show that doses that are too high can lead to the death of cells. Cell protection occurs with low doses, but high doses seem to help prevent cancers. For this reason, more studies on dosing amounts need to be done.

Possible Side Effects

Of course, it is important to look at the side effects, as well as the resveratrol health benefits. When too much of this compound has been administered in animals, it has led to signs of toxicity within the body. However, at low doses, no side effects were seen. When doses are increased, some of the side effects can include gastric ulcers, it can lead to some serious metal deficiencies within the body, and it may also interact with various prescription drugs, such as calcium channel blockers, medications for erectile dysfunction, and statins.

In the end, while there definitely appear to be many great resveratrol health benefits, studies are still not totally conclusive. There are currently many studies being done on both humans and animals to learn more about how resveratrol works, the benefits it can provide, and any side effects or dangers associated with it. Currently, the effects of resveratrol on the lifespan of different organisms is still quite controversial, but it is something to keep your eye on as scientists continue to do more studies and work to find out even more about this interesting and possibly beneficial compound.

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